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RAA Association Newcastle

This site has some good information on 113 battery

Fort  Scratchley  Historical Society

Australian  Army News   

Royal Australian Artillery Association (Victoria)

Royal Australian Artillery Association  (NSW)



Aussie Gunners  in France 1918 Video Clip (No Sound)


Royal Artillery Home Page 

The UK's Home of Artillery


   Gunner Net 

A UK Gunner information site including links to The Royal Artillery



   British Artillery in World War II

An excellent technical reference site for British and Commonwealth

Artillery during World War II


   Royal New Zealand Artillery Old Comrades' Association 


  Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery

The official Australian Department of Defence Artillery home page


Australian Artillery Vietnam


   Western Australian RAA Association


   North Queensland RAA Association


   23 Field Regiment Association


A Field Battery


Locating Artillery Association


   Australian War Memorial

Excellent site with many researchable databases.

  Look up the 7th Field Artillery Brigade!.


    Commonwealth War Graves Search  

This site allows you to research databases for all WW 1 & 2 Causalities

 and Cemeteries


   Australian Reserve Forces Day Council 


   Its An Honour  

This site lists all Australian medals issued


    Home of the American Field Artillery 


   Digger History   

Very Informative site of Australian Military history


First World War

A multimedia history of World War One


Australian Defence Force News

All 3 Services Newspapers


Australian Battlefields of W W I -France

The site list events in a chronological order with maps and photos

The Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company (Formerly North Fort)

War Memorials in Australia

National Archives of Australia
This site holds all the Service Records for WW1 and 2
as well as other interesting articles


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