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 Become a member of the Association,  our main objectives are:

a.       to promote welfare and recreation, to foster esprit-de-corps, and to create a bond of comradeship between all members of the Association;

b.       to foster and maintain the history of the 7th Field Regiment and encourage the establishment and/or restoration of Unit barracks, sites, museums, and memorials;

c.      to act as Trustees for charitable bequests etc;

d.       to produce and issue, gratuitously or by way of sale, journals, pamphlets or other publications in furtherance of the objects of the Association;

e.        to raise funds by all lawful means for the attainment of these objects;

f.       to affiliate with any other body having like aims and objects, or to accept affiliation with such bodies on receipt of a fee as set by the General Committee and

g.       to pay out of the funds all expenses incidental to the carrying out of these objects.

Membership costs only $10 per year, which is per calendar year. To be eligible you need to have served for 6 months or more with 7th Field Regiment or 7Light Battery  in any capacity. (Cooks, bottlewashers, paper shuflers & non-corps postings).

Fees are due 01 of July each year and can be paid by cheque (made payable to 7 Field Regiment RAA Association), posted to PO Box 206, Frenchs Forest, 2086, NSW or  payment can be made on the Internet  using   

BSB number  062 272 and Account number  1001 3543

 Any queries  please contact: John Balfour  


 Membership Application.

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