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The President’s Message ( August 16)

From the President 

There are a number of words of thanks that start this report.

 First, to Jim Nash for his outstanding contribution as President for 2015/16. Jim, the enthusiasm you brought to the role, your contributions, ideas and oversight of our centenary year were, to use the phrase, in the finest traditions of the Regiment.

 Second, to all those elected to the new committee of 2016/17, thank you for agreeing to serve our Association this year. I look forward to working with you all.

 Once again, the indefatigable John Balfour OAM will serve as Secretary and will continue to be – in the words of Jim Nash – the glue that holds us all together.

 Finally, thanks to all the members who once again saw fit to elect me to serve as your President. I hope to repay that trust with service.

Those of you who attended the dinner commemorating the centenary of the 7th Field Artillery Brigade will recall the address given by LTCOL Jim McGann. He observed that many of the associations that his Battalion has linked with are slowly dying and that our association was the strongest of all those associations. While this is good to hear, I strongly believe that this should be taken not as encouragement, but as a warning – a warning that we too will slowly fade unless we continue to grow our membership.

 To this end, at the AGM, a motion was passed to amend the Constitution to open membership eligibility to all serving members of 7 Light Battery RAA. A sub-committee has been formed within the Association Committee with a particular focus on increasing our membership.

 Thanks to Dave Moysey, the Association has started expanding its presence in the social sphere with a Facebook page that is accessible to all members by request. I would encourage everyone with a Facebook account to get involved and make contributions.

 Finally, the Annual Reunion will be held at Chatswood RSL on Friday 11 November. There will be a special theme this year – more on this to follow.

  Thanks once again and I look forward to seeing you all at the Reunion.


 Steve Flower


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