The below files have been copied from the records  held by the Australian War Memorial , they will be available on the internet within the next 12 months.

War Diary Entry deploying from Larkhill England to France 29 Dec 1916.pdf

Operation Order No 1 and 2  dated Jan 1917.pdf

Gas Attack 27 Bty 16 Feb 1917.pdf

War Diary Entry 26 Bty Shelled at Dickebush whilst having Breakfast in the Wagon Lines  11 Sep 1917 .pdf

Medical Report of the 7th Field Artillery Brigade 16 Oct 1917.pdf

Instructional Training in RA Rest Area May 1918 .pdf

Regimental Signal Competition 25 May 1918 .pdf

Operation Order No 113 dated 5 Nov 1918.pdf

Maj Gen Sir John Monash Special Order 30 May 1918.pdf

Hosilities cease 11 Nov 1918.pdf

War Diary Entry Nov 1918.pdf

War Diary Jan 1919.pdf

7th FAB Jockey Club Race Meeting Haumont 26 Jan 1919.pdf


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