BANHAM Mick W02 (Muvva) (16 February 2000 Aged 40)


Mick enlisted as a Gun Number in 113 Fd Bty Sydney Detachment, at Willoughby on 12 October 1976 and was promoted LBdr in May 1978.

He was promoted Bdr in June 1979 on transfer to 28 Fd Bty at Dee Why, promoted Sgt in August 1984, and to Warrant Officer Class 2 in March 1991.


Mick held various positions during his service in 7 Field including Gun No l, Sig Sgt, CP Sgt, Bty Guide, BSM HQ Bty & BSM 28 Fd Bty.

He was a member of the Naremburn SES, Hornsby Rural Service and was a Chief Marshall for the Australian Racing Drivers Club.


Mick received his nickname of `Mother' courtesy of the DASM WOl Peter Muir for acting like an Old Woman when it came to organising things.

Mick was awarded the Reserve Force medal in 1992 and the 1st Clasp (20 years) in 1997.He was a serving member of the Regiment at the time of his death.



 BAYLES Robert William Henry (17 December 1990 Aged 57 )


Bob served in 6 Field Regiment, 112 Independent Field Battery, 9 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, transferring to 7th Field on the disbandment of 9 LAA in 1973.


He retired with the rank of Captain as BC of HQ Battery on 27 April 1980.


BENSON Henry “Harry”   DFC  (30 May 2014 Aged 83)


Harry graduated form Officer Cadet School, Portsea on 13 Dec 1952 as a 2nd LT to 1 Recruit Training Battalion. Further postings were to 1 FD Regt RAA, Air Operations (Army Component) & 12 National Service Training Battalion.


He was promoted to LT on 13 Dec 1955.


He was promoted Temp Captain on 28 Nov 1957 with postings to 1 Fd Regt & AAS (UK) for Air Operations Training. Promoted Captain on 30 June 1960 with postings UK (Air Operations), 16 Army Light Aircraft Squadron, SORA 3 HQ RAA 1 Div,


Brigade Major HQ RAA 1 Div and Australian Staff College.


Promoted Major 30 June 1966 as GSO 2 AAS(W), 1 Aviation Regiment, then Commanding Officer 161 Independent Reconnaissance Flight & Chief Flying Instructor, 1 Aviation Regiment.


Promoted LtCol 18 January 1971 as Instructor Australian Staff College. Appointed Commanding Officer 7 Field Regiment RAA from 1 August 1972 to 31 July 1975.


Harry’s last posting was to Training Command on 1 August 1975. He was awarded the DFC for service in Vietnam with 1 Aviation Regiment.


BIBBY Vic  (8 January 2015)  Aged 80


Vic was called up for National Service on 8 January 1953 with 12 National Service Training Battalion until 15 April 1953. On 16 April 1953 he joined P Battery 7 Field Regiment RAA.


He took discharge on 6 June 1961 as Sergeant, Transport Supervisor, 26 Field Battery.



BRADLEY John Harold  29 June 1988


John enlisted in 1952  and discharged on 20 October 1975 an served as a driver and obtained the rank of Sergeant.


John also was on the Association Committee from 1986-1987.


BRADLEY Hebert James (17 October 2003 Aged 74)

Herb was the eldest of four brothers who joined 7th Field Regiment RAA. He enlisted on 3 August 1948 and was appointed Lance Bombardier on 11 October 1949, then promoted to Bombardier on 21 February 1950. He was promoted temporary Sergeant 6 February 1951, promoted to Sergeant 8 May 1951 and then Staff Sergeant, as BQMS P Field Battery on 17 February 1952.

 Herb took his discharge on 7 March 1953.

 On 6 July 1953, Herb re-enlisted in 17 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RAA as a Gunner. On the same day he was promoted to Staff Sergeant.

 He discharged on 18 September 1958.

 Herb was predeceased by his brother John. His other brothers, Bob (Bowyang) and Leo survive him.  



BRADLEY Leo Arthur  (10 Dec 2013 Aged 76)


Leo was the youngest of four brothers who served in 7 FD Regt.


On 10 January 1957 he was called up for National Service in 12 NS Training Battalion and was then transferred to 7 Fd Regt RAA on 17 April 1957 after completing 98 days full time training.


Leo took his discharge as a transport Bombardier on 2 December 1963.





BRYANT Kevin Keith  ED (14 June 2005  Aged 76)


Kevin enlisted on 9 April 1951 in 3 Anti-Tank Regiment RAA which was redesignated 3 Light Regiment RAA, and in which he obtained his Commission as a Lieutenant on 9 February 1955. He then transferred to 121 Medium Coast Battery RAA (Northern Territory Command) on 21 September 1955.


On 18 January 1957, he transferred to 23 Light Regiment RAA and was promoted to Captain in 23 Field Regiment RAA on 12 March 1959 and then to Major 23 November 1964 with various postings in 23 Field Regiment, 130 Corps Locating Battery and 130 Gun Locating Battery where he became the Officer Commanding.


Kevin was posted to 7 Field Regiment as 2IC shortly before he became Commanding Officer of 23 Field Regiment on 1 September 1970.


He held this appointment until 31 October 1971, when because of failing health went onto the Reserve of Officers and then retired on 28 July 1977.



BURKE Alexander (Alec) Robert  (26 May 2008 Aged 74) 


Alec was called up on 4 January 1952 and was allocated to Hut 27, Section 26, 17 Platoon, D Company, 12 National Service Training Battalion.

During National Service he volunteered to become a Cook.


Following full time National Service, Alec was allocated, on 10 April 1952, to 7 Field Regiment RAA with a posting to the Australian Army Catering Corps.


In 1959 Alec qualified for his Warrant and was appointed as WO Caterer for the Regiment.


Alec later transferred to the Artillery side & became Signals Supervisor, HQ Bty and then later BSM HQ Bty. He was transferred to the Reserve of Senior NCO’s in 1982.


The last paragraph of Alec’s Death Notice read “And this is one thing Alec won’t be late to”.  However, Alec was late to the Funeral Service; no fault of his own. The pallbearers could not make up their minds how to carry the coffin.Alec was a foundation member of the Association’s Committee from 1986 to 2003.