CARMENT David Maxwell (Max)  (3 July 2007 Aged 88) 


Max enlisted in 1936 in 1 Cavalry Division Signals. In 1937, as a Corporal, and at the recommendation of then LT A.G. (Tom) Hanson, he transferred to 7th Field Brigade R.A.A. (Militia) being allocated to 107 (H) Battery as NCO Signals.


In October 1939 Max was made a  Provisional Lieutenant. On 6 May 1940 with 78 other members of the Brigade, including the Commanding Officer, LTCOL Ralph Daly, he transferred to the AIF to form 2/6th Australian Field Regiment AIF as a Sergeant.  On 23 November 1940 his appointment as a Lieutenant was confirmed. He was then transferred to 2/15th Australian Field Regiment AIF.


On the capitulation of the British Forces on Singapore Island on 15 February 1942 he became a prisoner of war first going to Changi Prison Camp, then becoming part of B force which left on 7 July 1942 for Sandakan Borneo.


Following the Japanese learning of a underground organisastion  on the 15 October 1943, Max with the rest of the officers were shipped to Kuching arriving 22 October. Max was  freed on 8 September 1945 on the arrival of Australian medical officers, arriving home in Sydney on 27 November 1945.


Max was placed on the Reserve of Officers on 28 November 1945.


Max rejoined R.A.A 2nd Division on 1 May 1948 but returned to the Reserve of Officers on 1 March 1949.


On 20 February 1953 he joined 16 Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment R.A.A and was promoted to Captain on the 24 February 1955, being retired as a major in 1963.




CARRICK  Vincent  Joseph Dec 1987


Joseph enlisted into the Army  on the 2 April 1940 and discharged on the 15 June 1945.  During WW2  he served in the Coast Artillery and  1st Entertainment  Unit .  After the war he re enlisted and served in 7 Field Regiment .


CARROLL Gordon Leo (18 July 1999 Aged 51)


Gordon was called up for National Service on 17 June 1968 and served in Vietnam with 105 Field Battery, 1 Field Regiment from 10 March 1969 to 11 March 1970.


On the 28 June 1971, Gordon re-enlisted into the ARA and served in Malaysia with 106 Field Battery, 1 Field Regiment, he also served with 105 Field Battery in 1976/77.


He was posted to 7 Field Regiment in1983 as Technical Sergeant and then moved to 8/12 Medium Regiment on promotion to Staff Sergeant in 1985.


In 1986 Gordon returned to 7 Field Regiment as RQMS on promotion as WO2.


In 1986 he was posted to the School of Artillery and was the promoted to WO1 on the 11 April 1990.



CHASELING Brian Erskine  (2 Jul 2012 Aged 91)  


Brian enlisted in 7 Field Brigade RAA (Militia) and transferred to 2/6th Field Regiment AIF on 4 June 1940.


He saw service in the Middle East and was commissioned as a Lieutenant on 7 Sept 1943.


Brian also served in 1st Mountain Battery AIF and 1st Australian Field Regiment (AIF). He was placed on the Reserve of Officers (RAA) 2 Military District on 9 March 1946.


He was a banker and closely connected with the Scouting movement and initiated the Wales (now Westpac) Life Saver Helicopter


He joined the RAA Association in Oct 1948 and also was  the Secretary of 2/6 Fd Regt Assn.


Brian was awarded the MBE for his services to the community in 1982.


COOTE Glen William 14 Aug 2008 Aged 71


Glen was called up on 7 January 1955 to serve in 12 National Service Training Battalion.


On completion of his full time National Service, Glen was transferred to 7 FD Regt on 14 April 1955.


He was promoted to BDR on 16 August 1955 and to SGT on 14 February 1956, then taking discharge on 7 January 1960.


He served in both Q & R Batteries of the Regiment.


Glenís older brother, Kenny had also served in the Regiment



CROWE John Lindsay COLONEL ED (25 January 2000 Aged 83)  Click to open Copy of Church service


John was born on 28 May 1916 at Tumbarumba NSW, being the second oldest and second youngest son of four children. His father John was a cattle station manager and his mother Margaret a member of the Clan Campbell.

He was educated in Albury after the family moved there in 1919.


On 21 July 1932 John joined 40 Field Battery, 22 Field Brigade, Australian Field Artillery, 2nd Cavalry Division in Albury, being promoted Sergeant at 18. After being transferred to Sydney with his work in 1938 he joined 53rd Battery, 14 Field Brigade RAA (Militia) at Marrickville. Though offered a position in a Victorian Unit he joined the AIF as a reinforcement Officer of 2/1st Field Regiment AIF on 27 April 1940, joining the Regiment on 22 March 1944 and was commissioned as a Lieutenant on 11 April 1938.

John transferred to the AIF on 27 April 1940 as a reinforcement to 2/1st Field Regiment AIF, being promoted to Captain on 4 April 1945. He was placed on the Reserve of Officers (RAA)(2 Military District) on 15 November 1945.

On the reforming of the CMF John joined 5 Field Regiment RAA at Marrickville on 1 May 1948 and was promoted Major on 22 December 1954. The Regiment's designation was then changed to 14 Field Regiment RAA on 2 February 1955 with John becoming first a Battery Commander then 2IC.

He was promoted to temporary Lt Colonel on 1 July 1958, promotion being confirmed on 1 July 1959. John commanded 7 Field Regiment RAA from 1 July 1958 to 30 June 1961. He was then was transferred to Command & Staff Group, Eastern Command until being placed on the retired list on 28 May 1967 as a Colonel.


John was a foundation member and benefactor to 7 Field Regiment Association, Vice President 1986/87 and a Committee member 1987 to 1991