ELSLEY  Graham (18 June 2008  Aged 75)

Graham joined P Battery, 7 Field Regiment RAA on 28 February 1950 and took his discharge on 7 October 1952.

After being called up for National Service, he served with 19 National Service Training Battalion from 5 May to 10 August 1953.

On 11 August, he was allocated to P Battery, 7 Field Regiment until he took his final discharge on 5 May 1958, as a Sergeant Gun Number one.

EWAN David  Frazer (Evil) (13 September 2006 Aged 58)  Click here for copy of Service   U

“Evil” enlisted at Willoughby Depot on 29 June 1965.

David was promoted Bombardier in April 1972, Sergeant in August 1973 and then Staff Sergeant in February 1980.

He spent most of his career in 7 FD REGT within the Q stream in both 26 & 28 Field Batteries.

The Padre was once heard to ask the BSM of 28 Fd Bty “what is SSGT Ewan’s first name ??” – answer – “he doesn’t have one – we just call him EVIL”.

David was promoted Warrant Officer Class Two on posting to LSF, Randwick in March 1994.

His final posting was to HQ 2nd Division from March 1998 until his discharge in March 2000. During this period David spent some time assisting at the RAA National Museum, North Head