HALL Graham Barry  (17 January 2009  Aged 77)


Barry enlisted 16 Feb 1965 into the Officer Training Corps Eastern Command.


He graduated from the Officer Cadet Training Unit (OCTU) on 10 July 1966 as a Lieutenant and was allocated to 23 Field Regiment RAA.  He was promoted to Captain on 9 January 1970 and transferred to 9 LAA Regiment RAA on 2 April 1971as BC 6 BTY.  Barry was promoted Temporary Major in March 1974 and detached to HQ RAA 2 Div for 12 months.  


In May 1975 he was posted to Battery Commander, 113 Field Battery with his Unit then becoming 7 Field Regiment in October 1976.  He retired on 30 November 1976.



HAMMOND Arthur Victor ED (14 September 2001 Aged 83)

Arthur, on joining the Association, stated that the Units he had served in were too numerous to list. On enquiry it was found that he had served in 9th Field Brigade RAA (Militia) and that in March 1941 he was a Sergeant in 18th Field Battery, 2/9th Army Field Regiment AIF.

On 21 May 1943 he obtained his commission and was on the list of reinforcements until his posting to 2/12th Field Regiment (Jungle Division) AIF on 4 December 1943.

Arthur was placed on the Permanent Supernumerary List of Officers on 5 May 1945 and was discharged from the AIF on 5 July 1945, being placed on the Reserve of Officers (RAA) (2 Military District) on 6 July 1945.

On 23 March 1950, he transferred from RO to 7 Field Regiment and was promoted to Captain on 28 April 1954. Arthur was promoted to Major on 23 April 1958, becoming Battery Commander, Q Battery and later P Battery. On 1 July 1960 he was transferred to Command and Staff Group Eastern Command until 12 March 1961.

On returning to 7 Field Regiment, Arthur became Second-in Command, retiring in 1967 with the Honorary Rank of Lieutenant Colonel

 HAMMOND  Gerald Northropp (25 August 1990 Aged 71)


Gerry served in various units and is believed to have served in the Brigade in the late 1930's .


He presented a large quantity of memorabilia to the Association.

 HANSON Arthur George (Tom) DSO ED (6 July 1999 Aged 87)    Click Here for Newspaper Obituary


Tom was called up for Universal Training in 1929 and allotted to 7th Field Brigade Australian Field Artillery, at Mount St North Sydney. Following the election of the Scullin Labour Government Universal Training was abolished 8 November 1929, then voluntary enlistment was brought in and Tom enlisted in the Brigade in January 1930.


He was commissioned on 23 March 1934 and Promoted Captain 21 November 1938.

On 13 October 1939 he transferred to the AIF and was one of the ten Officers who transferred from the Brigade to 2/1st Field Regiment AIF During the Greek campaign he was mentioned in dispatches for his efforts and on 11 November 1941 he was promoted to Major.

Following the Regiment's return to Australia in 1942 Tom went to New Guinea.

In November 1942 with a Troop of 4 Guns from 51st Field Battery he was flown to Popondetta and this is believed to be the first time Australian Artillery was flown into battle. This force was known as "Blackforce" and Tom because of his complexion was known as "Black Tom".

During November/December Blackforce in supporting the Infantry, assisted in the taking of Sanananda, Buna and Gona. On one occasion 40 Japanese had infiltrated the Australian positions and attacked the Gun Position and were driven off. The position was known as "Hanson's Post". Tom was awarded the DSO for his efforts.

2/1st Field Regiment landed at Wewak in February 1945 and on his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel on 17 May 1945 he was made Commanding Officer until 24 October 1945 and was awarded a Bar to his DSO.

On discharge from the AIF on 7 December 1945 he was with Owen Saville, one of the50 original members of 2/1st Field Regiment.

Tom was placed on the Reserve of Officers until he was appointed Commanding Officer of 7" Field Regiment RAA on 11 May 1952 until 11 May 1956.

On 12 May 1956 Tom was promoted Colonel then being a temporary Brigadier until 11 May 1957 when his promotion was confirmed. He was Commander Royal Artillery (Field Branch) Eastern Command 12 May 1956 to 31 December 1959, and then placed on the unallotted list on 1 January 1960.

Tom was also ADC to Her Majesty the Queen from 13 April 1957 until 13 April 1959, and Colonel Commandant of RAA (NSW) 1970 to 1972. Tom carried out a lot of work for Legacy and was Patron of the Association from 1989 to 1992.

HECKENBERG Brian  (8 Jul 2012  Aged 75)     copy of Service click here  U

Brian was called up on 10 July 1956, joining 13 National Service Training Battalion and was allocated to 9 HAA Regiment RAA. He later transferred to 14 Field Regiment RAA.


On 1 July 1960, 14 Field Regiment was absorbed with 7 Field Regiment RAA, becoming Q Battery and then in 1965 becoming 27 Field Battery. Brian transferred over as a Lance Bombardier.


In 1978 Brian was promoted to WO1 becoming RSM (ARes) 7 Field Regiment. He took discharge on 8 June 1984.


He also served at 2 Training Group and the Officer Cadet Training Unit.


Brian was the President of the Association from 2000 to 2003 and was a Committee member from 1999 to 2004.


Brian was made an Honorary Life Member of the Association in 2010.


HENRY  Robert Mac (11 April 1990)


Robert joined 7 Fd in 1937. In 1940 he  enlisted in the A.I.F and discharged in 1946 and re-enlisted into 7 Fd until taking discharge in 1950.


Robert obtained the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2.


Rodney John HEYS  (6 July 2014  Aged 67)


Rod enlisted in 26 Field Battery, 7 FD Regt RAA on 5 July 1966 as an alternative to full time National Service.


He discharged, as a Gunner on 22 May 1968.


HICKS  Ian Hylton (25 November 1992 aged 48)

Ian enlisted in 9 LAA Regiment RAA in 1964 transferring to 7 Field Regiment when 9 LAA was disbanded on 1 November 1973. Ian was placed on the reserve of Senior NCO's in 1974 with the rank of W02.

 HILL Robert John RFD (18 October 2002 Aged 59)

Bob enlisted into A Company 4 RNSWR on the 20June 1965 before transferring to OCTU on 21 January1967.  He was promoted Corporal on 1 July 1967.

On completion of the course, as a second Lieutenant, Bob was transferred to 18 LAA Regiment on 25 August 1968.

On 5 March 1970 he was promoted Lieutenant and the to Captain on 29 July 1973.

When 18 LAA Regiment was disbanded Bob transferred to 23 Field Regiment from 1 September 1974, with postings to 10 & 11 Batteries. Bob was promoted Major, Battery Commander on 4 January 1980.

Bobís next posting was to 2 Training Group on 1 February 1984 where he received the Reserve Force Decoration on 3 December 1984. He returned to 23 Field Regiment on 1 February 1986.

On Promotion to LTCOL on the 13 August 1986 he became the Commanding Officer of 7 Field Regiment until 10 May 1988.

In January 1989 Bob was transferred to HQ 2 Div and he retired in 1991.

HOGGE Richard Alan Menzies (13 February 2007 Aged 63)   click to see copy of service       U

Richard was born in Aberdeen, Scotland on a day that became a part of history, 6 June 1944 D Day and migrated to Australia with his family as a child.


In November 1964, he joined Sydney University Regiment where he obtained his commission as a Lieutenant in 1971. He later transferred to 7 Field regiment RAA and later served in RAA HQ 2 Div & 2 Training Group.


Richard was promoted Captain and was awarded the Reserve Force Decoration with First Clasp.


He transferred to the Reserve of Officers in December 1992

HOPKINSON Frederick Henry (14 January 2004 Aged 60)

Fred enlisted in P Field Battery (later 26 Field Battery), 7th Field Regiment on 9 May 1961.


He was promoted to Lance Bombardier on 19 February 1963, then to Bombardier on 14 May 1963 and then to Sergeant 28 January 1964.


Fred was commissioned as a Lieutenant on 7 December 1964, and was placed on the Retired List of Officers on 12 March 1969.

 HUGHES Russell Ernest (1 July 2003 Aged 86)

Russell enlisted in 7th Field Brigade Australian Field Artillery in 1933 and transferred to the AIF on 21 May 1940.

 He was among the eighty members of the Brigade that formed 2/6th Australian Field Regiment AIF.

 Russell took his discharge from the AIF on 26 August 1945 as a Sergeant


HUNGERFORD Henry John RFD, ED (1 November 1994 Aged 65)

John transferred to the Regiment as a Bombardier in 1953 from lst Amphibious Observation Bombardment Regiment RAA and was commissioned on 7 July 1955, promoted to Captain on 7 July 1958, then to Major 31 March 1964 as Battery Commander of 27 Field Battery.                                                     

On posting out of the Regiment John became SORA 2 (Ops) HQ RAA 2 Division from l8 November 1965 to 31 July 1969. During October/November 1967 he was attached to 4 Fd Regt in South Vietnam and then later became Officer Commanding 130 Divisional Locating Battery.

On 1 August 1969 he was promoted Lt Col becoming Commander Officer of 9 Light Anti-Tank Regiment.

From1972 to 1976 he served as Chief Instructor and Officer Commanding 2 Training Group and at HQ Training Command as a Staff Officer until his retirement in January 1979.

John was an active member of the RAA association, being on the Committee for many years and at the time of his death was the editor of' Gunfire .He also was on the Committee of 7 Field Regiment RAA Association from 1991 to 1994.

John's son Bruce served with the Regiment in the early 80's as a Sergeant