LANE Selwyn George (BILL) COLONEL ED (7 January 2000 aged 77)

Bill joined the AIF in July 1940 and trained for two weeks as a "Day Boy" 0900 to 1700 at 7th  Field Brigade RAA (Militia) Depot at Willoughby before joining 2/9th  Field Regiment AIF in which he served until November 1945 reaching the rank of Sergeant.. He then transferred to Army Headquarters Rehabilitation Unit and was discharged from the AIF in February 1946.

On the reforming of the CMF , Bill enlisted on 8 June 1948 in 7 Field Regiment RAA with the rank of Gunner and was promoted to Sergeant in the same Routine Order.

Bill was commissioned provisional Lieutenant on 4 July 1949 with the promotion confirmed on 21 December 1951. He was the first Officer to obtain commissioned rank in the Regiment after the War.

In December 1951 R Battery was transferred to Hornsby and Bill went with the Battery which became the nucleus of 21 Field Regiment RAA on 1l March 1952. He was promoted Captain 18 January 1954 and Major 26 February 1957, remaining with 21 Field Regiment until 30 June 1957.

On 1 July 1957 Bill was transferred to 23 Field Regiment RAA until 15 August 1962, then becoming Officer Commanding 130 Locating Battery RAA on 16 August 1962 where he remained until 30 June 1964.

Bill was promoted to Lt Colonel on 1 July 1964 and became Commanding Officer of 7 Field Regiment until 30 June 1967. Bill was the last member of the 2nd  AIF to become a commanding officer of the Regiment.

He was seconded to Headquarters Officer Training Group, Eastern Command from 1 July 1970 and placed on the retired list on 16 April 1972 as a Colonel.


LEEK Keith Clifford N170761 and NX169880 (29 November 1994 Aged 72)


In 1938 Keith joined 7th Field Brigade RAA Militia. On the outbreak of WW2 in 1939 Keith was discharged being under age. On 21 February 1943 he was enlisted into Anti-Tank serving in 3 Anti-Tank Regiment, 111 Tank Attack and 103 Tank Attack Regiment (AIF) and was discharged on 15 December 1945


Keith again enlisted in 1951 in 21 Field Regiment and remained with this Unit until its disbandment on 7 August 1957, Transferring to 7 Field Regiment from which he retired as a Staff Sergeant, being given the honorary rank of WO2 on 14 May 1970.


Keith was active on the committees of the RAA Association, 21 Club (now 21 Field Regiment RAA Association), 7 Field Regiment RAA Association and an active member of 103rd/111th Anti-Tank Regiment Association.



LEWIS-HUGHES Hugh Kenneth (27 September 1994 Aged 98)


Ken was one of the original members of 7th Field Artillery Brigade AIF on its formation 17 March 1916. He was interviewed by the Commanding Officer Lt Col RSt J Pearce VD, before being allocated to 7th Field Brigade Ammunition Column. On the disbandment of the Ammunition Column in late 1416 at Larkhill, Salisbury Plains, Wiltshire, he was transferred with other members to the 3rd Division Ammunition Column and went to France in 1916, also serving with 5th and 14th Field Artillery Brigades.

Ken returned to Australia in 1919 for discharge.

On the outbreak of WW2 in 1939, Ken re-enlisted and was allocated to Army Records, District Records Office, Sydney, and was discharged in 1946.

Ken was possibly the last survivor of the original 7th Field Artillery Brigade AIF.

LOCKMAN Gary William  (21 July 2015 -Aged 69)

Gary enlisted in 7 Field Regiment RAA on 28 April 1964 & was allocated to P Battery serving as a gun number & driver.


He completed his National Service obligation in the Regiment and was discharged on 22 March 1976 as a Staff Sergeant, Transport Supervisor.


 LORD Charles Richard (Dick) ED (30 January 2003 Aged 87)

Dick enlisted in March 1939 in 7th Field Brigade RAA (Militia). On 6 May 1940, he and his brother Bernard, transferred to the AIF with 78 other members of the Brigade including the CO, LTCOL Ralph Daly, to form 2/6th Australian Field Regiment AIF.

On 1 July 1940, he was commissioned as a Lieutenant and then promoted Temporary Captain on 28 May 1945 with the rank confirmed on 11 June 1945.

Dick was discharged from the AIF on 15 February 1946 and was placed on the Reserve of Officers (RAA) (2 MD) on 16 February 1946.

On the forming of the CMF on 1 May 1948, Dick was appointed to 7th Field Regiment. He was promoted Major on 21 December 1951 as Battery Commander P Field Batter and later transferred to 23 Field Regiment.

On 2 February 1955 he was promoted temporary Lieutenant Colonel as Commanding Officer of 14 Field Regiment RAA. This appointment was confirmed on 5 April 1955. Dick was placed on the Retired List in 1959.

 On 18 March 1953, Dick was mentioned in Jim MacDougall's column in the SUN Newspaper as follows:


The CMF in camp at Singleton last week was a typical 1953 army, geared to all the latest horrors of War. There was one casualty which stressed the hazards of military training.

 A fellow was holding a biscuit out as a target for a bow and arrow shot. The archer missed the biscuit and all but whipped a finger off,   Dick was holding the biscuit.