MATTHEWS Erskine James Kirkland (Snow) (31 January 1988 Aged 78)

Snow enlisted in the 1st Anti Aircraft Battery in 1937, then in 1938 transferred to 2nd Battery which with 1st Battery became 1st Anti Aircraft Brigade, serving until 1940when he transferred to the RAAF in which he served through the War, taking his discharge in 1946.

On the reforming of the CMF in 1948, Snow joined 7 Field Regiment serving until 1959, when he took his discharge as a WO2.

MCALISTER Fred Bridges (RED FRED)  CBE, ED, PSC  (23 December 1992 Aged 86)


Fred joined the Sydney University Scouts in 1924, transferring to Australian Garrison Artillery (Survey Company) where he was commissioned as a Lieutenant on 12 September 1927. He was promoted to Captain on 31 August 1931 and on promotion to Major on 15 October 1935 commanded the Company.

On 13 May 1937 Fred transferred to 7 Field Brigade as Battery Commander of 107(Howitzer) Battery and in May 1939 raised 26 Field Battery.

On 1 May 1940 with the Commanding Officer of 7 Field Brigade, Lt Colonel Ralph Daly and fourteen other Officers of the Brigade, Fred transferred as Second in Command to form 2/6th Field Regiment AIF.


Promoted to temporary Lt Colonel on 9 September 1941, he commanded RAA Training Regiment (Middle East) and on 1 September 1942, having his rank of Lt Colonel substantive had the following postings Commanded 18 Australian Field Regiment, GSO 2 Arty 2 Aust Corps, SO 1 Arty HQ RAA, 3 Aust Corps, Commanded 2/1st Aust Tank/Attack Regiment, Instructor "B" Wing LHQ Tactical School. He was discharged from the AIF on 8 October 1945.


On the reforming of the CMF Fred was promoted temporary Brigadier on 2 February 1948, becoming substantive on 8 September 1949 and holding posting of CRA 2 Division until 1952. He Commanded RAA 1 Corps 1953 to 1957 and was Colonel Commandant RAA 2 Military District 1962 to 1967. He passed Senior Staff College and was awarded the CBE for his military services in 1952.


Not only did Fred have a distinguished military and civil career at CSR, his many contributions included President of Legacy Club, Sydney, Life Governor, Sydney Hospital and he was also the first Patron of the Association from 1986 to 1989.


MEAKINS Ronald Kenneth Peter ED (24 September 1999 Aged 72)


Ron joined the AIF on 3 June 1945 and continued after the war to serve in the Interim Army and the Australian Regular Army, serving in Transport and Military Police, taking his discharge as a corporal.


In 1956 he joined 16 Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment RAA with the temporary rank of Sergeant, transferring to 9 HAA Regiment in 1960 when 16 HAA Regiment was disbanded. On 5 July 1961 he was commissioned and remained with the unit when it became 9 LAA Regiment RAA in 1962, being promoted on !4 July 1966.

Ron transferred to 7 Field Regiment RAA on the disbandment of 9 LAA and its amalgamation with 7 Field Regiment on 1 November 1973.

He retired from the Army on 19 February 1974 with the honorary rank of Major.

MILHAM Glenn (1 May 2007 Aged 43)  copy of Service click here  U

Glenn joined 7 Field Regiment RAA on 1 February 1983 and was allocated to the Australian Army Catering Corps (AACC) as a cook and later transferred to the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps (RAAOC) as a clerk in December 1985.


Glenn was promoted Corporal on 8 March 1988 and to Temporary Sergeant on 25 October 1991. This rank was made substantive on 13 December 1992.

On 14 December 1992 Glenn transferred to the Royal Australian Army Pay Corps (RAAPC) and at the time of her death was the Regiment’s pay clerk.


Glenn was awarded a Soldier’s Medallion for Exemplary Service in March 1995, the Defence Long Service Medal in August 2001 and the Australian Defence Medal in October 2006.

MITCHELL Frederick Bannon (6 March 1998 Aged 84)

Fred achieved a great deal during his Army and post Army life. He enlisted in the Militia in September 1931 and was commissioned Lt in 1934. In 1938 he resigned his commission in the Militia to enlist as a Gunner in the newly formed Regular Army as part of the Darwin Mobile Force. On the outbreak of WW2 he was promoted to WO and saw service in WA, 14 Fd Bty 2/7th Aust Fd Regt and was commissioned in the field as Lt on the 1st August 1940.

He served in the Middle East, Palestine, Syria and the Western Desert including the battles of El Alamein. Fred also served in the Netherlands East Indies. In 1948 he transferred to the Regular Army as a Major. He had various staff appointments and was posted to 1 Fd Regt as a BC and served at the School of Artillery as OIC Admin, attended AASC  and retired with the rank of Lt Col in October 1959.

In civilian life Fred became the Operations Manager at the Sydney Stock Exchange, and AWA’s Operations and Maintenance Manager at NASA’s Tracking Station at Carnarvon WA.

On retirement to Port Macquarie, Fred devoted his energy, organizational and administrative skills to the care of the aged and was of great assistance to Father Leo Donnelly in the establishment and administration of retirement villages, hostels and many other projects.

MOONEY Ronald Rupert  ED  (28 August 2009  Aged 93)

Ron was commissioned as a Lieutenant in 9 Field Artillery Brigade RAA (Militia) on 29 September 1938, transferring to 2/1st Field regiment AIF on 13 October 1939.

He was promoted Temporary Captain 10 August 1941 and then to Captain 20 November 1941.

From 10 January 1940 to 24 September 1942, he was an Instructor RAA Training Regiment AIF (Middle East). On 25 September 1942 he transferred to 16th Australian Field Regiment (AIF) and was promoted to Major on 24 October 1942.

He was transferred to 2/8thField Regiment (Jungle Division) AIF on 14 September 1944 then to 2/9th Field Regiment (Jungle Division) AIF on 23 March 1945 and was placed on the Reserve of Officers on 15 August 1945.

On 1 May 1948 he joined 7 Field Regiment RAA as Second in Command and then on 10 September 1951 went on the Reserve of Officers again.

Returning from the Reserve of Officers on 6 May 1955, he was attached to 130 Counter Bombardment Staff Troop RAA.

On 6 December 1955 he was promoted to Temporary Lieutenant Colonel as SORA1 130 Counter Bombardment Staff Troop RAA and his promotion to LTCOL was confirmed 6 December 1956.