NELSON Dene John Bowker  (31 July 2006  Aged 75)


Dene enlisted in Q Battery, 7 Field Regiment RAA on 7 February 1949. and was later promoted to Bombardier.


He discharged on 12 December 1951.


NELSON John Anthony Park  (20 January 2005  Aged 76)


John was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Sydney University Regiment on 31 December 1952.


On 1 May 1954, he was transferred to 7 Field Regiment RAA and allocated to Q Field Battery.


On his first live firing exercise, John was seen looking into the wrong side of a Director (aiming circle), giving bearings to the Guns. From then he was known as “Lord Nelson”.


John was promoted to Captain on 16 April 1958 and went onto the Reserve of Officers in the early 1960’s.


He was the Legal Advisor to the Association from its inception in 1986.



NICHOLLS Eric Frederick (17 March 1995 Aged 76)

Eric enlisted in the Senior Cadets attached to 7th Field Artillery Brigade AIF in 1935, before transferring to the Brigade. On joining the Permanent Military Forces he was allocated to 1st  Heavy Battery RAA before volunteering to join Darwin Mobile Force in 1939.

Following the outbreak of War he joined 2/4th LAA Regiment AIR Continuing to serve in the Regular Army after the War he served in 1st LAA Regiment RAA taking his discharge on 12 June 1968 as RSM Artillery Headquarters Communications Zone.