SAVILLE Owen Redman (13 February 1999 Aged 83)

Owen enlisted in 7" Field Brigade Australian Field Artillery on 6 February1932 reaching the rank of Sergeant before transferring to the Permanent Military Forces in 1937, serving in 1 Field Cadre and `A' Battery RAA.


Following the outbreak of war he transferred in November 1939 as one of the original members to 2/1st  Field Regiment AIF. Owen was quickly promoted to Sergeant in 1 Battery and then became the first TSM of "A" troop as a W02, later becoming BSM and on occasions acted as RSM of the Regiment. He served with the Regiment in all its campaigns and was one of the fifty or so original members of the Regiment remaining in the Unit at the end of the War.

At the end of the War he returned to the Permanent Army becoming an instructor at the school of Artillery, North Head and then an instructor at the Royal Military College, Duntroon.

On the commencement of National Service in 1951 Owen was appointed Platoon Commander 18 Platoon D Company, 12 National Service Training Battalion. In 1954 Owen as a WO1 was appointed as RSM of 7 Field Regiment at the same drill hall and Unit he had first enlisted in 22 years earlier. He held this posting until 1960 when he was transferred to the School of Artillery taking his discharge on 24 April 1960 and was placed on the retired list as a Lieutenant.

Owen was one of the foundation members of the Association being on the Committee 1986/87, Vice President 1987-92 and Patron 1992-1995.

SHORTUS  Dennis Edward   (25 January 1991)  Aged 62


Dennis was one of the few stalwart volunteers during the National Service years in the 1950's.


He was commissioned in 1958 and transferred to the Reserve List of Officers, as a Lieutenant, in the early 1960's.


SMITH Colin Harold  (1 November 2014)  Aged 78

Colin was called up for National Service with 12 National Service Training Battalion on 7 January 1955 until 22 April 1955. On 23 April 1955 he joined 21 Field Regiment RAA & later transferred to Headquarters Eastern Command on 31 July 1957.


He took discharge on 6 January 1960 with the rank of Lance Bombardier.



SMITH Dennis K (2 Sep 13)  Aged 66


Dennis was the younger of 2 brothers who joined 7 Field Regiment RAA.


Dennis enlisted twice in the Regiment. On 11 May 1965 he enlisted into Q Battery at Marrickville (later renamed 27 Field Battery). He discharged on 27 June 1973.


Dennis again enlisted on 17 April 1974 into 28 Field Battery at Willoughby. He discharged on 16 March 1977 from the 113 Field Battery Detachment at Willoughby as a Lance Bombardier.


SMITH Roger T Smith  AM RFD (14 Nov 2015) Aged 86

Commanded 7th Field Regiment  RAA from 1969- 1972 and was Commander Divisional Artillery Second Division in 1976-1977.

Colonel Smith graduated from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst in 1949. He served in Gibraltar, Korea and Germany. He was a Troop Commander during the Emergency in Malaya in support of 26 Ghurkha Brigade for which he was Mentioned in despatches. He served in 7 Field Regiment RAA from 1963 to 1972 as a Troop Commander and finally CO. This included a month in Vietnam in 1967. He was awarded the AM in 1976 and retired from the Army in 1983. 

 He had bravely borne a number of debilitating conditions. As those of us who knew him well will recall, his hearing was never good following service in  5 Royal Horse Artillery Self Propelled Regiment in Germany in 1953-55. He was a highly skilled painter and an Exhibiting and Associate  Member of the Royal Art Society of NSW.

His contribution and reputation in the gunner fraternity was exceptional



STARK Loxton Glyn Varley ED (15 December 2001 Aged 84)

Glyn enlisted in 7th Field Brigade RAA (Militia) in August 1936 and was commissioned on 24 November 1939.

On 1 May 1940 he transferred to the AIF with 17 Officers including the CO LTCOL Ralph Daly and 63 Other Ranks to form 2/6th Field Regiment AIF.

Glyn was promoted to Captain on 29 January 1943. On 21 February at Kumisi River, New Guinea he was seriously wounded in the leg while on a patrol.

On 10 June 1944 he was seconded, as a spotter, to 1 Australian Naval Bombardment Group. On 12 November 1945, his AIF service finished and he was placed on the Reserve of Officers RAA (2MD) on 13 November 1945.

The reforming of the CMF found Glyn on 1 May 1948 the Commanding Officer of 1 Combined Operations Bombardment Regiment RAA. He was promoted to Major on 27 November 1952, becoming the Commanding Officer of 1 Amphibious Observation Regiment RAA, which became 130 Coastal Bombardment Staff Troop RAA until 1955 when he was transferred to the Reserve of Officers.


STAZIKER Stuart RFD, ED  (29 December 2012 Aged  74 )


Stuart was conscripted in January 1958 into 13 National Service Training Battalion & then allocated in April to 23 Field Regiment RAA.


He was promoted to Bombardier in July 1958 & Sgt in March 1959. On 16 April 1959 he was commissioned as a Lt in 23 Fd Regt.


From April 1963 to May 1964 he was attached to 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (Honourable Artillery Company) British Territorial Army.

In June 1964 he was attached to 25th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery, British Regular Army.


On 11 Dec 1967 he was promoted to Capt in 23 Fd Regt with postings as Battery Captain & Battery Commander of 11 Fd Bty.


In April/May 1971 he was an observer in South Vietnam attached to 12 Fd Regt.


In January 1972 Stuart was promoted Major as Battery Commander 11 Fd Bty. He also had postings as Staff Officer Grade 2 HQ 2nd Division, BC 10 Fd Bty, 23 Fd Regt, Instructor Tactics 3 Command & Staff Training Unit, 21C 23 Fd Regt & OC 133rd Divisional Locating Battery.


On 1 July 1983 he was promoted to LTCOL as CO 7 Fd Regt which he held until 1 July 1986, when he became an instructor (Senior Course) Reserve Command & Staff College until his retirement on 15 Jan 1988.

Stuart was awarded the ED in Aug 1971 and RFD in April 1985.


7 FD Regt Association was formed in 1986 on the suggestion of Stuart. He was Vice President of the Association from 1986 to 1990 and was Patron in 2007

See attached link to CO profile


STEDMAN Jim (1 May 2016)  TBA