Warning  these people are trained killers, do not attempt to approach them........

Guess Who - Love the beret Blowie Enemy Cane Toad captured, last seen all over Tin Can bay range.... Which one is the Brake...Vehicle stolen at Dee Why depot 1988 Peter Muir and Peter McGarth after a WO's Farewell night at the school 1988_AFX_Singo_Dunsmore(Poddy)_Millar(Psycho)_McGovern(Fester) 1988_AFX_Singo_Psycho_on_the__loose (1 1988_AFX_Singo_Psycho_on_the__loose  
982_AFX_SSgt Collins_Crash 985_AFX)Singo_Tony Millar(Physco)_up_Flagpole_F_ Block 2007_Aust_Day_Salute_Gnr_Hemsley Gnr Turtle        

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