LFX - AFX   pre  2000

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1924_A_Sub_27_Bty_Annual_Camp_Holsworthy 1925_Oct_27_Bty_Annual_Camp_Holsworthy 1925_Oct_A_Sub_27_Bty_Holsworthy 1933_Oct_ 27_Bty_Camp_Liverpool_Sgt_Newton_No1_Bdr_James_No3 1933_Oct_ 25_Bty_Camp_Liverpool_BC_Capt_J.Humphfreys 1938_107_Bty_(H) _Team_for_Horse_week_comp 1939_27_Bty_18_Pdr_MK4_Whby_Drill_Hal 1939_27_Bty_Whby_Drill_Hall
1939_Oct_26_Bty_Paterson_1 1939_Sept_107_Bty_(H)_Rutherford 1936_Harry_Wardle 1939_Harry_Wardle_2nd_back_from_front        
1940-43 WW2 Training in NSW and Deployment to WA
1940_Greta_1 1940_Greta_2 1940_Largs 1940_Largs_1 1940_Largs_2 1940_Largs_3 1940_Largs_4 1940_Largs_5
1940_Largs_6 1940_Largs_7. 1943_Geraldton_WA_ Crayfish-catch_Bill_Smith_Ted_Jeffreson_Les_Jones 1942-Dec_WA_ Geraldton_l-r_Bdr_Jeffreson_Boris_&_Teddy_Hobson 1940_Nov_On_Manouvers_Dungog 1940_Nov_Largs_Camp_site 1940_Nov_Largs_Camp_Guard 1943_Aug_Mullawa_WA_Jack_Tattam_and_Ted_Jeffreson
/1943_Mingenew_WA_27Bty_Drill_Comp-2 1940_Webbers_Ck_Range_near_Paterson_107_Bty (1) 1942_Jan_Wallgrove_Bdr_Ted_Jefferson_with_Blitz 1941_May_107_Bty_Sgt_Jennings_C_Troopp_Ingleburn (2 1941_May_107_Bty_Sgt_Jennings_C_Troopp_Ingleburn 1942-43_WA_ Wellington-st_Perth_l-r_Jack_Tattam_Mick_Smith_Tom_Tattam_Ed_Jeffreson_Bill_Bevan&Charlie_Waters_QM_Sgt 1940_Nov_The_G_Truck. 1941_April_Signals_vehicle_Ted_Jefferson_on_running_board_Ingleburn
1943_Aug_Mingenew_WA_Reg_taylor_and-Ted_Jeffreson. 1943_Aug_Mingenew_WA_ Camp-Site 1943_Misc 1942_Apr_Eastlakes_WA_ NCO-Class_Some-of-27-Bty-Boys 1943_Misc (1 1939-40_Largs_Greta 1939-40_Largs_Greta 1939-40_Largs_Greta
1939-40_Largs_Greta 1938-39_Ern_Leek_Pat_McLelland_Ron_Dickenson 1943 7 FD Geraldton 1943 7 FD Geraldton Haircut 1943 7 FD Geraldton Lt Dutton centre back row 1943 7 FD Gearldton Breaking Camp Gordon Willoughby in centre 1943 7 FD Geraldton Lt Dutton 4th From left 1943 7 FD Geraldton Lt Harry (Ren) Dutton


    1953_Holsworthy_Gun_Stand_Easy_Area 1953_Holsworthy_Sgt_Toplis 1955_Wattamolla_Fishing 1955_Woronora_River 1955_Woronora_River_Sgt_Pryor
1950_On The_Way_Home
1953_25Pdr_full_recoil_weekend Bivouac_Greenhills 1959_AFX_Singo 1956_AFX_Holsworthy_Flood_waters 1956_AFX_Holsworthy
1959_Regiment_Convoy_TianjaraRd         959_AFX_Singo_RSM_standing 1959_Survival_Weekend_Hawkesbury_River 1959_Survival_Weekend_Hawkesbury_River

Opening of the Dee Why Depot 1956




1963_AFX_Funeral_march 1963_AFX_Funeral_march (2 1963_AFX_Funeral_march 1 Convoy 1962-66 wet, cold and windy AFX 1962-66 Wally Jackson, Ian Gilmore prior to street parade at Willoughby
1962-66 wet and muddy, lost control downhill 2 1962-66 wet and muddy, lost control downhill 1 1962-66 Dave Rougvie setting up cam net 1962-66 setting up, John Luxford, Wally Jackson 1962-66 LFX  25 Pdrs-1 is that Brian Heckenberg at the rear ? 1962-66 LFX  25 Pdrs-2 1962-66 LFX  25 Pdrs -3
1960's Misc LFX 1965_AFX_Tianjara_Vehicle_park 1965_AFX_Tianjara_Mess_Pde_after_evacuation_from_old _camp_site 1965_AFX_Tianjara_Iroquios 1965_AFX_Tianjara_Iroquios 1965_AFX_Tianjara_Ration_Parachute
1965_AFX_Tianjara_Ration_Parachute_Hands_on_hips_Adjt_Capt_Macpherson 1965_AFX_Tianjara_Bushfire 1966_AFX_Tianjara_Final_meal 1966_AFX_back_at Whby 1966_12_May_AFX_Tianjara_Bdr_Green_WO2_Butz_Cpl_McGill_Sgt_Bacon. 1966_AFX_Tianjara_Timber_jinker_10am_daily-run 1966_AFX_back_at Whby_2 966_AFX_Tianjara_First_shot_fired_by_Sgt_P_Muir_P_Bty
1967_March_AFX_TianjaraQstore_after-sawdust_layed 1967_4_Mar AFX_Tianjara_Kitchen_site 1967_March_AFX_Tianjara_Mess_Pde. 1968_Bulga_AFX_Church_Pde. 1968_Bulga_AFX_Sgt_Bradley-and-kitchen 1968_Bulga_AFX_Cpl_Balfour-Sgt_Mortrimer 1968_Bulga_AFX_Water_Supply-2 1968_Bulga_AFX_Sgt_Mortimer
1960's Bradley Collection 1960's Bradley Collection 1960's Bradley Collection 1960's Bradley Collection 1960's Bradley Collection  Whby 1960's Bradley Collection  Whby 1960's Bradley Collection  Whby 1960's Bradley Collection  Whby
1960's Bradley Collection 1960's_Singo_Sgts_Mess_Sgt-Bradley 1960's Bradley Collection Sngo HQ 1960's Bradley Collection LFX-AFX/1965-66_ LFX_ Field_Kitchen LFX-AFX/1965-66_ LFX_ Doug_Morris_and_Jim Nash. LFX-AFX/1965-66_ LFX_ L-to-R- NK-Peter_Muir-Doug_Morris_NK-Brian_Striton_Jim_Nash LFX-AFX/1965-66_ LFX_25_Pdr_Jack_KnifeLFX-AFX/1965-66_ LFX_ L_to_R_Jim_Nash-Brian_Stirton-Peter_Muir_-Brian_Lewis-Doug Morris

Late 70's
1974_Tianjara_Timber_Collection 1974_Tianjara_Kitchen 1974_Tianjara_Ammo_Dump 1970'S__105mm_Pack_Howitzer_Firing 1970'S__105mm_Pack_Howitzer_Firing 1970'S__105mm_Pack_Howitzer_Firing 1970'S__105mm_Pack_Howitzer_Firing 1970'S__105mm_Pack_Howitzer_Firing
1970'S__105mm_Pack_Howitzer_Firing 1970'S__105mm_Pack_Howitzer_Firing 1976 LFX Cashie and Sully 1976 AFX Singo 28 Bty 1976 28 Bty Air Recon 1976 28 Bty Air Recon  

1979 LCM Familiarisation 1980_Nov_M2A2_Full_Recoil_during_Anti_tank_firing_Holsworthy 1982 Singo AFX (2) 1982 Singo AFX 1982 Singo AFX (4) 1982 Singo AFX (5) 1982 Singo 1982 Singo AFX (1
1982 Singo AFX (3) 1983 AFX Singo 1982_Navex_2 1982_Singleton_Bogged_Bty_ 2 1982_Singleton_Bogged_Bty_ 1 1982_C-Sub_AFX_Singo__Stone_Finch_Stanford_Williams_nk 1980's Weapons 1981 Small Arms Weeked Singo
/1982_Navex_1 105 mm Door Stoppers 1982-3_Enemy_party_for_UNSWR_Camp_1_Officer_2_Kelly_3_Millar_4_Ogravani_5 _Warren_6_H awke 1983 Deploying to AFX Coltana S Aust 1983 Coltana S Aust 1985-88 Sgt Brookes McDonah and Kegs Lawrence 1984 113 Bty Nowra Parachute Training Centre 1985 113 Bty AFX  A Sub Singo
1985 LFX Direct Fire Singo 1986 AFX Tin Can Bay Qld 28 Bty 1988 AFX Singo Best Gun Detachment CO Rick Main presenting Sgt Pat Sengos 1988 AFX Best Gun Detachment Singo 1985 Direct Fire Singo  1988 NBCD Trng Singo 1987_Sept__LFX_ A Sub Beeton,Bedford,White 1986 AFX Singo Capt Fearless, WO1 Mason RSM, WO2 McCarthy SMIG 28 , NK
1986 AFX Singo Gnr Psycho Millar with TST  flag              
1988 Singo              
1990's +              
1992 Apr DMEO Cse Marrangaroo for Regt 2 1992 Apr DMEO Cse Marrangaroo for Regt 1 1995 AFX Tindal N T  K 95 2005 Ammo 2005 Direct Fire 2005 Charge Bag Burn 2005 AFX Singo 2005 AFX Singo
2005 AFX CP 28 Bty IMT 2006_14_Oct_ Regt_ LFX_Singo_113_Bty_Gun 2006_14_Oct_ Regt_ LFX_Singo_28_Bty_Gun 2006_14_Oct_ Regt_ LFX_Singo_Spot_the_Gun 2006_14_Oct_ Regt_ LFX_Singo_FO's 2006_14_Oct_ Regt_ LFX_Singo_113_Bty_CP 2006_14_Oct_ Regt_ LFX_Singo_28_Bty_CP
1996 Officer Detachmen 1996 Officer Detachmen 1990 Mog Water Crossing 1996 28 Bty SGT Rod Chetwynd 1997-8 Regt Adventure Trng Holsworthy 1990's Lbdr Birell /1997-8 Regt Adventure Trng Holsworthy 1998 AFX Tin Can Bay FO's Lewich, See,-, Flower
1990's 28 Bty              

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