The Regiment 2006 to 2009


2006 LFX Singo    
2006 90th Birthday
North Fort
2006 Christmas Function Dee Why

2007 Aust Day

 Salute Fleet Steps

2007 91st Birthday North Fort
2007 Officer and SNCO Dining in Night Pymble
Misc  2007 2007_Anzac_Day. St Barbra's Day WO2 Clemance, W02 Sengos, Maj Ellson, LBdr Fender,Gnr Hammang,Gnr Joiner,Gnr Paterson, Maj Dunand,Lt Col Shaday, LBdr Lunan          

2007  1 Dec
Regt Christmas
Dinner Forestville RSL
RSM WO1 Franklin Cpl Fear RSM CO and SSGT Kennedy Pte Ashcroft Pte Hill SMIG 28 WO2 Kristan

2007 7 Dec
 ARA Farewells
Hornsby Bowling Club
Maj Ellson WO 1 Franklin WO2 Hall WO2 Kristan Cpl Scott Cpl Brooks Sgt Garnham
Cpl Fear Gnr Anderson Sgt Sacole

Day Salute

Fleet Steps
(with 23 Fd)


2008 LFX Singo
15-16 March
Regt WO2's Promotion Gnr LEIGH

2008 Regiments 92nd Birthday
North Fort and Association Memorial Pavers
BC 28 Showing his strength
Memorial Paver Dedication Memorial Paver Dedication Memorial Paver Dedication

2008 Small Arms Apr 19-20 Singo
28 Bty 113 Bty

2008 28 Bty Mona Vale Catafalque Party 20 Apr
LBDRLeigh, GNR Tiley, PTE Whitney,GNR Holgeson, PTE Donnelly, LBDR Fender, LBDR Chase berry

2008 Jul 26-27
Small Arms
28 Bty 113 Bty RHQ. Medics and Q  WO2_Clemance_Presentation_of_Warrant_OPSO_Maj_Furman BC28_Maj_Dunand_&_Bdr_Lunan_Promotion
2008 CATA
(LFX) Sep-Oct
Wide Bay Qld

2008 11 Nov
Manly Dam

2008 6 Dec
Regt Dinner
Dee Why RSL

2008 9 Dec
28 Bty BBQ
The Bty's New BBQ BC Farewell Pte Warminger Farewell Pte Donnelly Farewell GNR Paterson-Gunners Gunner Award

2009 Aust
Day Salute
Fleet Steps
(with 23 Fd )

2009 Regiments
93rd Birthday
Fort Scratchley Newcastle
10 Mar 



2009 21-22 Mar
LFX Singo

2009 19 Apr
28 Bty
Mona Vale Catafalque Party 
2009  9 May
28 Bty Recruiting Display

2009 23 May Regimental Mess Dinner Dee Why Depot

2009 25-26 Jun LFX Singo

2009 27-28 Jul
Small Arms-IMT Singo
2009 26-27 Sep

LFX Singo


2009 11 Nov
28 Bty Remembrance Day Manly Dam

2009 27/28 Nov Officer/SNCO Pub Lunch and Visit to Vic Barracks Wine Cellar

2009 5 Dec
Regt Dinner
Dee Why RSL


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