These photos have been obtained from the original 7th FAB Yandoo and the  , Misc  headstones by Pat Sengos .

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1916_Feb_The-Warren 1916_Gnr_Kernahan_at_the-Warren 1916_The_Warren_Gun_Training_Gnrs_Cade,Campbell,Hooper 1916_The Warren_Tent_A1_back_Gnrs_Rose_Carlton_Kay_Sevill_Centre_Patterson,Campbell,Cade,Kerahan_Front_Burton,Hooper.jpg 1916_The_Warren_Gun_Training_Gnr_Ackland.jpg 1916_Feb_Horse_lines_at_the_Warren /1916_The_Warren_Gun_Training_Gnrs_Paterson_Campbell_Cape_&_Kernahan Artilllery Officers at the Warren 1916_The_Warren_Gun_Training_Gnrs_Scahill_&_Kernahan The Regiment Leaving the Warren for France  May 1916
The Regiment camped at the Warren   1916 The Warren 2 /The Warren c1870 The_Warren Au Revior, but not Goodbye, The Regiment Leaving Woolloomooloo bay 11 May 1916 Argyllshire Leaving Sydney May 1916 The A8 HMAT Argyllshire Capetown Jun 1916 Officers on Board Argyllshire 1 Officers on Board Argyllshire 2 Regimental Church Parade Durban South Africa 4 Jun 1916
Headquarters Staff 7th FAB 1916 26 Bty 191625 Bty 1916 27 Bty 1916107 Bty 1916 7th FAB Officers 18 Jan 19183rd Div Artillery Concert Party Gun Drill in the English Mud 1916Route March on Salisbury Plain 1916 P00839.002 ?Sydney, NSW. ?1916. Soldiers receive injections in their arms at an enlistment depot or staging camp. On the far right is possibly 18732 Gunner Cecil Ross, 26th Battery, 7th Field Artillery Brigade, who enlisted 5 January 1916. (Donor R. Grouse) 1916_27_Sept_25_Battery_Review_by_the_King The Regiment awaiting the Kings Inspection Salisbury Plain 27 Sep 1916 E01539 Group portrait of the officers of the 7th Field Artillery Brigade at Bailleul. Left to right, back row: Lieutenant (Lt) A. W. E. Newnham; Lt A. K. MacKey; Lt S. J. Jenkins; Lt A. S. Nivison; Lt W. R. Johnston; Lt E. A. Pope; Lt K. D. Watson MC. Middle row: Lt C. N. Williams; Lt E. S. MacKellar; Lt L. R. Robertson; Captain (Capt) E. M. Neylan MC; Lt W. R. Bates; Lt J. R. Windeyer; Lt A. J. Peyton; Lt J. M. Cook MM; Lt K. G. Binnie; Lt W. H. Eales. Front row: Lt K. C. Radford; Capt L. J. Colquhoun; Major (Maj) J. M. Irwin; Maj T. A. J. Playfair DSO; Maj W. L. Marfell DSO; Capt G. V. Moriarty MC; Capt C. M. Samson MC 25th Battery Portrait Steenwerck 24 Jan 1918
26th Battery Portarit left side  Bailleul 24 Jan 1918 26th Battery Portarit Right side  Bailleul 24 Jan 1918 27th Battery Group portrait Bailleul Jan  1918 25th Battery Portrait Steenwerck 24 Jan 1918 Left side 25th Battery Portrait Steenwerck 24 Jan 1918 Right side 107th Battery Group portrait Bailleul 24 Jan 1918 E03123 The 26th Battery of Australian Field Artillery going into action near Gressaire Wood, to support the attack by the 9th Australian Infantry Brigade at Bray and Happy Valley. Identified in the foreground, left to right, are: Driver (Dvr) E. P. Smith; Dvr J. P. Allen and Dvr C. Mathews 01937 Wagon lines of the 7th Field Artillery Brigade, in the valley between Franvillers and Heilly. The guns at this time were in action south of Mericourt. E04812 Unidentified soldiers of the 7th Brigade of Australian Field Artillery gathered outside their dugouts in the terraced hillside. Near the crest of the ridge is a camouflaged battery position 23 April 1918 E03562 Men of the 7th and 8th Brigades of Australian Field artillery enjoy a meal break in the process of moving along a road near Brancourt, to engage in the advance beyond the Hindenburg Line 13 October 1918
P02527.014 Le Bizet, France. 1917. Members of 107th Howitzer Battery standing in the remains of a bombed building. Note the siren mounted on the left wall of the building, possibly used for warning of gas shelling. (Donor J. Hardwicke E02959 Unidentified members of the 7th Brigade, Australian Field Artillery hauling one of their guns into position near Gressaire Wood, to assist the 9th Infantry Brigade attack near Bray-sur-Somme. 22 August 1918 E00856 Men of the 26th Battery of Australian Field Artillery placing a gun in position on Bellewaarde Ridge, near Chateau Wood, in the Ypres sector 21 September 1917 E01868 Wagon lines of the 26th Battery of the 3rd Divisional Artillery in the Somme Valley near Heilly. The shelters on the hillside are small excavations covered with waterproof sheets. At this time the guns of the battery were in position on the high ground at Mericourt E00853 The 26th Battery of the 3rd Divisional Artillery taking up positions on Bellewaarde Ridge, to the left of the Ypres-Menin Road, in the Ypres Sector, over which ground the Australian troops had advanced in the attack the previous day Our First Gun Position on the Somme. Diggers about to dig in. Framvillers France 25th Bty Gun in Action on the Somme 3rd from left is Gnr J.Dwyer P02527.006 Ypres. October 1917. A member of 107th Howitzer Battery loading a 4.5 inch howitzer gun. The guns position is camouflaged and reinforced with sandbags. Note the extra shells in a pile to the left of the gun. A mallet for placing chocks under the wheels is in the foreground. (Donor J. Hardwicke) 02527.016 Ypres, Belgium. 1917. A bombed building on the Ypres battlefield used as an observation post by members of 107th Howitzer Battery, nicknamed "Surrey House". (Donor J. Hardwicke) E00855 The 7th Field Artillery Brigade bringing their gun into position on the western slope of Bellewaarde Ridge (behind railway line at right) in the Ypres sector, in Belgium, on September 21st, 1917. The road to Chateau Wood is seen in the foreground, and 18-pounder shells, which have been brought up by pack mules, have been stacked on the roadside. Higher up, the light railway to Westhoek runs across the road 21 September 1917
E03507The 107th Australian Howitzer Battery established in an ideal position near Bony, when the Australian troops were advancing to the farthermost limits of the Hindenburg System of Defences. Part of the wiring of the system is seen in the background 3 October 1918 P02527.027 France. Two members of 107th Howitzer Battery standing next to a 4.5 inch sub gun which suffered a direct hit. (Donor J. Hardwicke) E03124 Unloading ammunition from the limbers of the 7th Brigade of Australian Field Artillery. Identified: Bombardier S. E. Rohn (6) and Sergeant A. A. MacIntosh (8). See E03124K for position of those named in this caption 22 August 1918 P02527.002 Messines, Belgium. June 1917. A soldier sits in the entrance of a dugout of the 107th Battery Signallers. The dugout is reinforced with sandbags, corrugated iron and pieces of scrap metal. There is a bicycle leaning against the left hand side of the dugout. (Donor J. Hardwicke) P02527.017 Messines, Belgium. June 1917. The remains of bombed buildings used as shelters by 107th Howitzer Battery. Note the YMCA sign on a tree. (Donor J. Hardwicke)          
02527.007  Near Warfusee, France. August 1918. 7th Field Artillery Brigade Waggon Lines ready for action in the fighting between five Divisions of the Australian Army, the Canadian Army and the Germans on the 8 and 9 August 1918. This was the first time all five Divisions had fought together. (Donor J. Hardwicke) E04776 Camouflaged guns of the 7th Australian Field Artillery Brigade in close formation located behind numerous terraces. Close to the horizon is a line of positions which give the appearance of occupied gun pits, these however were empty positions left to draw enemy fire. The real gun positions were situated in the terraces below. 24 April 1918 E03561 Men of the 7th and 8th Brigades of Australian Field Artillery, waiting to move forward to support the British Infantry operating beyond this sector 13 October 1918 E03125 Limbers of 7th Brigade Australian Field Artillery, conveying ammunition to their 18 pounder guns near Gressaire Wood. Note the pile of shells in the foreground 22 August 1918 E03120 Limbers of the 7th Australian Field Artillery Brigade approaching the gun positions near Gressaire Wood, when the artillery were supporting the attack of the 9th Infantry Brigade at Bray. Identified: Lieutenant W. Hogarth (extreme right); Captain L. J. Colquhoun (second from right, on horseback). 22 August 1918 E03121 Limbers of the 7th Australian Field Artillery Brigade whose guns had just been pulled into action near Gressaire Wood, returning to bring up further supplies of ammunition. The main road to Corbie from Bray can be seen on the hill the far side of Happy Valley. It was in Happy Valley itself that the troops of the 9th Infantry Brigade were engaged at the time. Note the dog running along beside the horse and rider inthe centre foreground. E03124 Unloading ammunition from the limbers of the 7th Brigade of Australian Field Artillery. Identified: Bombardier S. E. Rohn (6) and Sergeant A. A. MacIntosh (8).22 August 1918 E03417 The 7th Brigade of Australian Field Artillery, passing through the wrecked village of Riqueval, on their way to positions from which they could effectually support the troops engaged in breaking of the Hindenburg Canal and Nauroy lines, which had commenced on 29 September, both these lines were entirely in our hands by 3 October 2 October 1918 P02527.003 Mericourt, France. April 1918. 19090 Gunner (Gnr) Reginald Alfred Hardwicke MM and Bar, 107th Howitzer Battery, receiving a haircut. In the background men are preparing their kit for the day. It was near here that Gnr Hardwicke won his Military Medal, along with 19159 Gnr Hayward Woodward, on 9th April 1918. Gunners Hardwicke and Woodward, the Battery linesmen, repaired the telephone wire used to communicate with Headquarters three times under heavy shellfire. Note the reverse slope position for the bivouac. (Donor J. Hardwicke) P02527.013 De Saul. 1917. Members of 107th Howitzer Battery near De Saul. A kite balloon is overhead in the sky. The men are travelling by foot, bicycle and horseback. Along the ditch on the side of the road is a telephone wire. (Donor J. Hardwicke)
P02527.011 Lobbes (?). Gunners of 107th Howitzer Battery gathered on train (or tram?) tracks near a road. Buildings line the road. (Donor J. Hardwicke) E01873 Cooks preparing a meal at the wagon lines of the 7th Australian Field Artillery Brigade. Identified in the foreground are: Driver (Dvr) E. A. Brocks (left), and Dvr M. Webster (centre). 29 March 1918 Place made: Heilly E00788 A scene on Bellewaarde Ridge, where the 7th Artillery Brigade, having taken up a position, are replenishing their gunpits with ammunition brought forward by pack trains. Note the two men on the left watching their progress. 21 September 1917 P02527.025 Le Bizet, France. 1917. Members of 107th Howitzer Battery standing in front of the remains of the damaged building used as Headquarters. (Donor J. Hardwicke P02527.025 Le Bizet, France. 1917. Members of 107th Howitzer Battery standing in front of the remains of the damaged building used as Headquarters. (Donor J. Hardwicke) P02527.026 Ypres. Three members of 107th Howitzer Battery. In the centre is 19114 Bombardier George Barnier Mashman MM. They are coming from "Surrey House", a bombed house on the Ypres Battlefield used as an observation post. Bombardier Mashman was awarded the Military Medal for his actions on 20 September 1917 at Hooge. He remained at his post throughout the entire operation although subjected to heavy enemy shell and machine gun fire. He was the only survivor of the party of five, the remainder having been killed or wounded. (Donor J. Hardwicke) P01322.009 Hautmont, France, 1919-01-02. a large crowd of Australian soldiers in the town square on the day of a visit by the Prince of Wales. among them are members of the 7th and 8th Field Artillery Brigades. (Donor S Bashford) P02527.009Messines, Belgium. June 1917. Men of the 107th Howitzer Battery crowded around the cook's cart. The cook, 19138 Driver Frederick Walter Smith of Freeman's Reach NSW, was injured near here on 5 June 1917, dying of wounds the next day. (Donor J. Hardwicke) 27th Bty A Camouflaged Elephant Gun Pit Gunners Farm Ploegsteert Belguim Berry Farm Pill Box Zonnebeke - Several of the 25 Bty were killed here
Travelling in Horse Boxes Charleroi Belguim to Le Harve FrancePart of the 7th's first Quota for Aussie, 5th March 1919 Hautmon Where there's a will there's a way - Boarding a train at Lobbes for Charleroi Belguim On the way home Onboard HMAT Karmala 2 July-18 Aug 1919 1917_France_107_Bty_2nd_From_right_Gnr_Kernhanan1917_France_107_Bty_Gnr_Kernhanan_Kneeling_in_front_holding_Pick Battle of Polygon Wood Meeting Yank Baseballers Frechencourt France 31595 Gnr Spencer Moore 27th Battery Dvr Clark 22001 Bdr Lyons 36539 Gnr Harold Walters 25th Battery KIA 31 Aug 1918
18732 Gnr Ross 22011 Gnr Thomas Hepburn 27th Battery KIA 9 Apr 1918 18452 Gnr Joseph B Dwyer  25th Bty (1 18452 Gnr Joseph B Dwyer  25th Bty (2) 26th Battery Shoeing Smith C Barblett KIA 11 Sep 1917 Grave Shoesmith C C Barblett 26 Bty Huts Cemetery Dikkebus (2 Graves (6)  of 7 Fd Regt Huts Cemetety DikkebusHuts Cemetery Dikkebus Grave Gnr F L Seale 26 Bty.j Grave Saddler C Shipway 26 Bty
Grave Bdr F G Dowling 26 Grave Gnr C J Ryan 26 Bty /Grave Gnr E G Smith 26 Bty Grave Gnr G Cameron 27 Bty first 7 Fd Regt killed in France Buried Cite Bonjean Armenteries (4Cite Bonjean Cemetery Armenteries (2) Grave Gnr G Cameron 27 Bty first 7 Fd Regt killed in France Buried Cite Bonjean Armenteries (3 Part of Hamel Monument 1916_18_Sept_107th_Bty_at_Instructional_Camp_Suanage_England 1916_7th_FAB_Detachment 7TH_FAB_HQ_ Lt_H.F.Rutledge_K.I.A_Zonenebeke_Belguim_9-Oct-1917
Yandoo_Somme_Gun_Positions_Map Yandoo_Barrage_Map Yandoo_France-Belguim_Map Major_Patterson_BC_107_Bty_Hyde_Park_Corner_Cemetery_Ploegstreet_Belguim            
Past Co's SYDNEY, NSW? 1897? STUDIO PORTRAIT OF LIEUTENANT ROBERT ST. JULIEN PEARCE. PEARCE SERVED IN THE BOER WAR AND WAS A FIELD ARTILLERY OFFICER IN WORLD WAR 1. (ORIGINAL PRINT IN AWM ARCHIVE STORE) (DONOR M. GRAHAM-WALLACE) CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA. 1900? STUDIO PORTRAIT OF LIEUTENANT ROBERT ST. JULIEN PEARCE (STANDING) AND ANOTHER SOLDIER. PEARCE SERVED IN THE BOER WAR AND WAS A FIELD ARTILLERY OFFICER IN WORLD WAR 1. (ORIGINAL PRINT IN AWM ARCHIVE STORE) (PHOTOGRAPHER ALF. F. HOSKING, BRUTONS STUDIO, CAPE TOWN. DONOR M. GRAHAM-WALLACE) SYDNEY, NSW? 1897? PORTRAIT OF LIEUTENANT ROBERT ST. JULIEN PEARCE. PEARCE SERVED IN THE BOER WAR AND WAS A FIELD ARTILLERY OFFICER IN WORLD WAR 1. (ORIGINAL PRINT IN AWM ARCHIVE STORE) (DONOR M. GRAHAM-WALLACE SYDNEY, NSW. C. 1915. STUDIO PORTRAIT OF LIEUTENANT COLONEL ROBERT ST. JULIEN PEARCE WHO SERVED IN THE BOER WAR AND IN 1914 WAS COMMANDING OFFICER 6TH AUSTRALIAN FIELD ARTILLERY COMMONWEALTH MILITARY FORCES. (ORIGINAL PRINT IN AWM ARCHIVE STORE) (PHOTOGRAPHER KERRY & CO, SYDNEY. DONOR M. GRAHAM-WALLACE) E00009 Lieutenant Colonel T B W James DSO, 3rd Division, Commanding Officer of the Reserve Brigade of Australian Artillery, and his orderly officer, Lieutenant Alex Stratford Nivison, 3rd Division on horseback Lt Col Macartney during his service as an Observor  with Australian Flying Corps France: Picardie, Somme, Pont Remy  9 June 1918 Presentation of decorations by General Sir W R Birdwood to 4th Division Artillery. Identified: General Birdwood (1); unidentified (2); Major (Maj) C R Seelenmeyer MC, Australian Army Veterinary Corps (3); Lieutenant (Lt) T P Clark MC, 42nd Battery (4); Lt W W Rose MC, 11th Brigade Headquarters (5); seven unidentified (standing on the right); Captain (Capt) A C R Waite MC, Staff Captain, 4th Division Artillery; Capt Chirnside, Aide-de-Camp to General Birdwood (14); Major General E G Sinclair MacLagan CB DSO, General Officer Commanding, 4th Division (15); Brigadier General W L H Burgess CMG DSO, Commander, Royal Artillery, 4th Division (16); Colonel J. Faugeron, Commanding Officer, 37th Trench Division Artillery (17); Staff Officer with Colonel Faugeron (18); Maj T A J Playfair DSO, Battery Major, 4th Division Artillery (19); Lt J Bonnet, Staff Officer to 37th Trench Division Artillery (20); Lt Gen Sir John Monash KCB (21); Lieutenant Colonel H D K Macartney DSO, 50th Royal Artillery, Australian Corps (22); Maj Gen Sir C Rosenthal, 2nd Division (23). The staff of the 37th Trench Division Artillery and the 4th Division Artillery had worked closely with each other in April and May 1918 when both were at Villers-Bretonneux. See E02511AKLEFT and E02511ARIGHT for position of those named in this caption. This is the left hand image in a two part panorama. See E02511P for the combined image. 17 Aug 1917Western Front: Western Front (Belgium), Menin Road Area Hill 60 (Ypres) Major W H St. Clair DSO of the 12th Battery, Australian Field Artillery (left, looking through binoculars), observing the effect of artillery fire near Hill 60. Also identified is Lieutenant Driscoll of the 12th Battery (third from the right, foreground, holding binoculars LIEUTENANT COLONEL CECIL ARTHUR CALLAGHAN, CMG, DSO, 4TH AUSTRALIAN FIELD ARTILLERY BRIGADE
Jul 1943 Baulkham Hills, NSW. July 1943. Officers at the Headquarters, Second Australian Army, A Branch mess. Left to Right: Rear Admiral R. Muirhead-Gould; Lieutenant General Sir Iven MacKay; Air Commodore Somers; Brigadier (Brig) Ralph Carlyle Geoffrey Prisk, Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General; NX12346 Brig John Walter Main CBE ED, Chief Engineer, Headquarters Second Australian Army; Brig William Howard St. Clair DSO VD BRA, Headquarters, 2nd Australian Army; Group Captain A. M. Murdoch; Captain Armstrong. (Donated by Lady MacKay). MOROTAI. 1945-09-12. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR EX PRISONERS OF WAR OF THE JAPANESE, SURVIVORS OF GULL FORCE, 2/21ST INFANTRY BATTALION AND ATTACHED TROOPS, WERE EVACUATED FROM AMBON IN THE CERAM SEA AND BROUGHT TO MOROTAI BY RAN CORVETTES FOR HOSPITALISATION AT 1ST AUSTRALIAN PRISONER OF WAR RECEPTION GROUP CAMP. SHOWN, MAJOR GENERAL C. A. CALLAGHAN, GENERAL OFFICER COMMANDING 8TH DIVISION WAITING AT THE WHARF TO GREET THEM 1942 Changi Singapore Royal Australian Artillery, 8th Division; Major-General Cecil Arthur Callaghan, CMG, DSO, VD, Commandant RAA, Commander of Australian prisoners of war MOROTAI. 1945-09-12. BRIGADIER C.A. CALLAGHAN OF THE 8TH DIVISION SOON AFTER HIS RELEASE FROM THE JAPANESE PRISONER OF WAR CAMP 23 January 1918 Western Front: Western Front (France), Nord Region (France) Vieux Berquin Group portrait of officers of the 8th Field Artillery Brigade at Vieux Berquin. The 8th Brigade moved back into this area for rest early in January 1918 and remained there until 1 February when it moved into the line against covering the sector between Armentieres and Messines. Back row, left to right: Lieutenant (Lt) W. H. Cowper; Lt M. F. Crombie; Lt G. W. Edwards; Lt George Eric Klug of Toorak, Vic (died of wounds 12 May 1918); Lt C. A. Blackmore; Lt A. W. McMillan; Lt N. D. Richardson. Middle row: Lt B. Venn-Brown; Lt I. K. Harrison MC; Lt C. Galt MC; Lt A. Raw; Lt W. H. Warnock; Lt T. Moore; Lt E. R. Johnson; Lt T. B. Watt; Lt C. L. G. Parkinson; Lt P. K. Saunders. Front row: Lt C. T. L. Goodchild; Captain (Capt) George Burgoyne Owen (later Staff Captain, 3rd Australian Director of Armament, died 5 November 1918); Major (Maj) W. A. Audsley; Maj W. L. Fanning; Maj S. G. Rowe DSO; Lieutenant Colonel William Gillian Allsop CMG DSO; Lt J. Brake; Capt Fritz Peter M. Solling MC, medical officer; Capt G. G. D. Ferrier MC; Capt A. D. Matheson; Lt R. J. G. Lipp MC Photograph of the horse Bobby which joined the 2nd Battery of the Australian Field Artillery, AIF, in September 1914 as an officer's charger for Lieutenant J.C. Selmes DSO. The horse retired in December 1918. (Donor Lieutenant Colonel J.C. Selmes DSO VD) 1941-02-06. LT. COLONEL R.E. FANNING. PERSONALITIES. SERVICES. (NEGATIVE BY E. CRANSTONE)      

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